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Aline Michaud

Orléans (Loiret, 45) and distance doula support

Welcome on this page in English, specially written for you if you speak English and would like to find out about my services in pregnancy and birth support in your native language, in Orléans and the surrounding area, but also elsewhere in France remotely. You are an expat and you are expecting in France ? I know it's not easy for you and your partner to welcome a baby in another country, so I would be happy to be your English-speaking doula here in France !

Accompagnement individuel

Doula support

before, during, after pregnancy, and at any time in your life

Doula appointment

I offer a place where you can share, be supported, be listened to, be informed and pampered.

I offer gentle and serene support at every step of your pregnancy, from the desire to have a baby to the post-natal period, and I want you to feel listened to and supported, whatever your background, and always respecting your choices.

On my booking page, I suggest you to choose the time that suits you best so that we can talk by phone. This dedicated time is meant to discuss your needs and expectations, and also to help you discover how I can accompagny you.

This initial 30-minute discussion is free. After that, my services are customised and I'll work with you at the pace that suits you: to support you over the long term or for a specific, one-off need.

I welcome any questions you may have!

Doula support is a complement of your medical care during pregnancy and childbirth

coquillage écoute Aline_edited.jpg

Rebozo massage

I use the rebozo - a long and very wrapping fabric, that is both smooth and strong - to rock and massage you with slow, calm and wide movements.

Little by little, your body settles into the fabric, releasing tension, making you feel lighter and allowing you to relax and recharge your batteries, enjoying deep and immediate relaxation.


Ideal when you need to take care of yourself or when you're feeling tense and tired, especially during pregnancy

Rebozos Aline_edited.jpg

Tightening the pelvis after birth

After the birth of your child I offer you a time dedicated to your pregnancy and birth story, followed by a moment of relexation with the rebozo fabric, to bring this stage of your life to a physical and symbolic close (gentle rocking and tightening of your pelvis)

Tightening of the pelvis is ideal after birth or at a particular moment in your life

Rebozo ritual care

This complete care, lasting around 3 hours, provides a feeling of relaxation and deep well-being. We take a time together to talk about your pregnancy and chilbirth and then, you receive a full-body massage, you experiment gentle hammam and the tightening of parts of your body with rebozo fabric)

It's THE favorite care for a cocooning and enveloping birth gift

If you prefer you can text me on +33 (0)6 12 24 84 16

Who am I?

My name is Aline, i'm a doula in Orléans (Loiret). I travel within a radius of 1 to 1,5 hours maximum by car from Orléans.

Portrait Aline Michaud (1)_edited.jpg

I have three sisters and two daughters, with whom I still grow every single day.

I'm sensitive, emotional, authentic, respectful and I trust my intuition, even if I often take a long time before making a choice: I need it to be made consciously and to be enlightened. I love learning about everything, all the time, and every day I learn a bit more about myself. I'm in love with flowers, my arms bear witness to this, and with music, which I've been playing since childhood. I love to travel, especially in home exchanges, which is something my family and I have come to enjoy. I used to practise athletics and in particular pole vaulting. I love soprting challenges and I'm happy to get moving again today by enjoying a rollerblade ride along the banks of the Loire. I like to be surrounded by people, but that requires a lot of energy, so I often need time alone to recharge my batteries. I want to do my bit in this world so that everyone can feel free, listened to, considered and supported, so that they can move forward on their own path and evolve with confidence and serenity.

Qui suis-je ?
Prendre rendez-vous avec Aline

30-minutes call for free

You can also text me on +33(0)6 12 24 84 16 ou send me an e-mail !

Catherine R., Blois (41)

« Aline helped and guided magnificently through my pregnancy. Being English and first time mother, I had my worries of going through pregnancy and labour in a different country but Aline was so comforting and educating. I learnt so much from her. She made me feel so at ease and no longer stressed. A huge thank you for being with me and baby throughout the process »

Aline Michaud

Doulas Les Douces - Orléans (Loiret, 45)

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